Sitting meditation

“Being alive is a miracle … sitting meditation is a way of celebrating life …”

Sitting meditation is for us a way to return home and give ourselves full attention and care. Every time we sit down, whether in the living room, at the foot of a tree, or on a cushion we can radiate tranquility like the Buddha sitting on an altar. We direct our full attention to what is inside and what surrounds us. We let our mind become spacious and our heart kind and gentle. Only with a few minutes sitting in this way, can we fully restore ourselves. When we sit in peace, breathing and smiling with awareness, we have sovereignty over ourselves.

Sitting meditation is very healing. We can be with whatever there is inside us, be it pain, anger, irritation, joy, love, or peace. We are with whatever there is in that moment, without being dragged. We let it come, let it be and let it go. There is no need to press, oppress, or pretend that our thoughts are not there. Instead of this, we can observe the thoughts and images in our mind with eyes of love and acceptance. Despite the storms that arise in us, we will remain still and calm. By sitting and breathing, we produce our true presence in the here and now and offer it to our community and the world. This is the purpose of sitting: to be here, completely alive and totally present.


Sitting meditation should be a joy. Sit in such a way that you feel relaxed and happy for as long as you remain seated. Sitting down is not hard work. It is an opportunity to enjoy your own presence, the presence of your family or that of your fellow practitioners, the earth, the sky and the universe. Effortless.