Poem of the Sister Hôi Nghiêm

There are times when I would like you to suffer, 
for fear that, if not, you can limit yourself to travel, indifferent.

There are times when I would like you to make mistakes, 
so that your heart is more welcoming and compassionate.

There are times when I would like you to have the experience of change, 
for fear that you may become inflexible.

There are times when I would like you to be silent and quiet, 
so that you have depth when you laugh or talk.

There are times when I would like you to wait a long time, 
so you know what patience is.

There are times when I would like you to fail, 
for fear that you may become arrogant.

There are times when I would like you to be lazy, 
for fear that you get mad from stress.

There are times when I would like you to sing, 
so that you can appease the deep grief that can not be named.

There are times when I would like you to take pity on yourself, 
so that you learn to return to you and take care of yourself.

There are times when I would like you to fall ill, 
for fear that you do not know how to have empathy for others.

There are times when I would like you to suffer a storm, 
to strengthen the fraternity of your brothers and sisters.

There are times when I would like you to close your eyes, 
so that your spirit is as simple as that of a child.

There are times when I would like you to be innocent, 
for fear that you will suffer a lot.

Thay’s Poem

me , promise me today, 
promise me now, 
with the sun at the top 
right at the zenith, 
promise me: 
even if you are overcome 
with a mountain of violence and hatred, 
even if they step on you and crush you 
like a worm, 
even if they break you and disembowel, 
you will remember, brother, you will 
that man is not our enemy.

The only thing worthy of you is compassion: 
invincible, unlimited, unconditional. 
Hate will never let you face the beast in man.

And one day, when you face this beast alone, 
with your courage intact, your eyes calm, 
full of kindness, (although no one can see them), 
your smile 
will be born a flower.

And those who love 
you will be contemplating 
you through ten thousand worlds of birth and death.

Alone again, I will 
walk with my head bowed 
knowing that love is now eternal. 
On the long and hard road, 
the sun and the moon 
will continue to shine.

How Woodworking and House Cleaning Can Contribute To Having A Peaceful Home

Do you love woodworking? Are you planning woodworking projects at home? Now woodworking has become easier than ever. All the credit goes to the advanced tools. You will find many woodworking tools that you can use for your projects without any skill and experience. Some tools are well made and designed for beginners only. You can take the example of a saw. You can use a scroll saw for general cutting of small work. Similarly, you can buy a few other tools to hone your skills and feel more confident about your next project.

How Woodworking Is Related to A Peaceful Home

The peace of your home depends on your patience and managing skill. Woodworking will teach you both. If you have ever completed a wood project, you might have realized that it helps to boost your concentration and focus. It makes you more patient and tolerant. If you are doing it for the first time, you can expect a few mistakes and you might keep trying until you have not achieved perfection.

The same is applicable to a peaceful home. Everyone has some difficulties in life. However, some intelligent people have the patience to deal with problems with a positive attitude. They do not let their stress to affect the peace of their home. Woodwork will help to develop your patience and keep working to maintain the peace of your home. You will find your home more relaxing and yourself blessed once you master the art of tolerance.

How House Cleaning Contributes to a Peaceful Home

House cleaning is directly linked to a peaceful home. Just imagine, your home will be a mess if you avoid cleaning for a long time. Needless to mention, dust, debris, and dirt deposits will not only affect the look of your home, but they will also affect your mind and peace in a great manner. If you enter a clean and well-maintained house, you will get a positive vibration. It will relax your mind and you will feel better. However, you will have a completely different experience if you enter a dusty house. You will not prefer the dusty environment. The pollution and other negative things can make it even worse.

It is not about cleaning inside of your house. The same is about the exterior. If you clean your lawn regularly, you will love spending time on your lawn on a relaxing afternoon. You will find different types of tools to maintain the look and feel of your lawn. One of these is wood eaters. You can use a wood eater for cleaning the yard. You will not have any difficulty to buy weed eaters due to the availability of wide options. You can visit thetoolsy.com/best-weed-eaters-reviews/ to find the best weed eaters and know the benefits and cons of each.

Now you know how the peace of your home is related to woodworking and cleaning. So, do not hesitate to take small wood projects to refine your skill as well as create a healthy indoor environment. Clean your backyard to make it even better.

Benefits of Guided Meditation Plus Eating Healthy Grilled Dishes

 Meditation was a common practice in the old days which was a way of allowing your mind to focus on a particular issue in a bid to brainstorm and come up with a solution in the contemporary society, people refer to it as having a meeting with yourself. It is a practice that has its health benefits. When you do that as you enjoyed your grilled meals then be sure at the end of it, you come out with a positive attitude ready to face life as it is. Research shows that many shoppers buy electric grills to enjoy healthy grilled meals at home as they relax and meditate. There are many benefits as you meditate and eat healthy grilled dishes.

What are the benefits of grilled foods?

If you want to have a natural taste of meat then the best cooking method is grilling. You need to buy a griller so you can make grilled dishes anytime at home without the hassle of looking for the best restaurant that serves the best grilled dishes. Having it at home gives you the freedom to try new recipes to give you the required nutrients. It is better to consume meals that you know their source and the hygiene of preparation. It improves your creativity levels in the kitchen. It is a good time that you bond together with family and friends.

Grilled foods maintain food nutrients. There is no need to just consuming food which you are not sure of the number of calories. The fact that it absorbs the moisture which aid in the grilling without requiring any butter then you are sure that the level of fat is reduced. Moreover, the high temperature the meat is exposed to comes in handy to also reduce the unhealthy fat common with animal foods.

What are the benefits of meditation?

When you are stressed, then there is a possibility of developing anxiety and further depression. You may not notice when you are stressed but when you take a break away from your normal daily hassles and just think of what is happening in your life; what you can change; where you can improve and how to do it then trust me, you will have a solution which determines the quality of life. This is the principle that the psychologists tend to use to drive you to have a personal thought on an issue to get a solution without their influence in the decision-making process.

People who are fond of mediating all the time have room for improvement in their lives. These are people who take life positively and keen to change or criticism. There are the physical health and the emotional health which all of them need to be taken good care of. Grilled dishes come in handy to look at the physical health of an individual while meditating directly takes care of emotional health. The combination of the two those means that this is one person who has holistic life improvement. Some of the conventional forms of therapy that were common in ancient times are slowly finding root in modern times due to their health benefits.

Must-Try Weekend Activities: Meditation and Cooking Smoked Dishes

You woke up on Saturday morning, still tired from a very long and exhausting week. You do not want to go out to any party or dinner outside this weekend. All you want is to recharge yourself and spend some quality time with your family. It is a quite common scenario in many of our lives. We just don’t feel like doing stuff like reading, playing guitar, travel or any such thing on those weekends. There are no urgent works that have to be done as well. It is just you and the family. There are two must-try activities which will not only recharge you but also allow you to spend quality time with your loved one Let’s discuss them one by one.

Meditation: Start the day with meditation. It is actually better if you could do it seven days a week, but still, it is a good thing for you to do it at the weekends. Meditation has so many benefits that it will recharge you afresh. You will more calm, particularly after working for all weekend. It gives you a greater sense of self-awareness, you will feel the inner peace and feel your emotions relaxing and stress going out Meditation also increases mental clarity and focus. The very important Emotional Intelligence, which is the true key to empathy and understanding yourself and others, increases by meditation. These are some of the benefits. Doing it on a weekend where you do not have any work will help you a lot. There are many types of meditation and checking all the stuff in net might have your head spinning, but stick to a normal routine like mindful meditation, that would be just fine.

Cooking Smoked Dishes: Do you have a smoker at home? Do you love to cook? If the answers of both the questions are yes, then you have fun little weekend activity: cooking smoked dishes. It is a fun activity to spend quality time with family. And of course for having great food without the need of stepping out of the house You must have many good smoked recipes, but for repetition’s sake, let us go through some of the basic details of this weekend activity: cooking or should we say smoking. There are many types of meat you can smoke Chicken, turkey, salmon, pork, beef, and others. Chicken wings, whole chicken are the very popular amount of chicken dishes. Apple-wood smoked turkey, meatloaf, lamb shoulder chops, chuck roast, smoked pork butt, smoked salmon, flank steak the list is all most endless. If you have a smoker at home, there are a couple of smoker accessories you should have for this weekend. To measure the exact temperature as per your smoked recipe you need a wireless meat thermometer Next, you need extreme heat resistance gloves which can withstand up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. A chimney is a must, then MCI grill steel brushes are needed with bear claws. And to rotate the meat pieces grilling tongs are needed. Aim to get positive feedback about your smoked dish.

Conclusion: Do any of the two or both the activities, you will have a great weekend and will be supercharged. Enjoy.